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Life is a journey toward a series of destinations. It pays to map out a plan and periodically monitor your course.

At times, the wind is at your back, the skies are blue and you’re progress is steady… its smooth sailing!

Storms can appear unexpectedly… one must prepare for the unexpected and have a ‘light’ to guide them when storms arise.

Achieving your goals and reaching your destination is… beautiful!

Your Future is Our Focus

When you embark on the road to financial success, it’s important to know where you’re going. If you’re traveling without direction, you expose yourself to more risk and lessen your chances of reaching your objective- a brighter future!

At Spectrum Wealth Management, helping you achieve your goals is our focus. Our dedication, deep-rooted financial knowledge and experience make us the trusted advisor for our clients. We provide a high level of care and personal attention to all of our clients. We help our clients imagine, plan and succeed. It’s our motto and our mission.

Who We Are

Don Goerner is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Advisory Agent with Spectrum Wealth Management. He specializes in Wealth Management and Retirement Income Planning. Working together, Don will create a plan to accumulate, grow and protect your assets during your working years, and structure your assets to provide consistent income during your retirement years. His number one goal is to help small business owners and individuals meet their financial goals and secure financial freedom.

Interested in what we can do for you? You can see a wide-range of our services listed in more detail by clicking here or visiting the “Services” tab listed above.

Our Process

While every individual is unique, our process for developing your financial plan is consistent. It begins with a comprehensive review of your financial situation and a discussion to identify your goals and concerns. We want to get to know you and understand what you want to accomplish in order to craft a plan that will suit your needs perfectly.

From there, we will work together with you closely as your plan develops. We help you monitor that plan and make any necessary changes and updates to stay in-line with your financial goals. The process is very simple and straight-forward, yet it can be the vehicle that helps you pave your way to financial success!

Do You Need Our Help?

Not sure if a financial planner is right for you? If you say “YES” to any of these questions below, you would likely benefit from our help:

  • Are you concerned about your income taxes and fear that you may be paying more than what you legally owe?
  • Are you weary of the stock market, but not willing to accept the paltry returns that “safe” investments offer?
  • Are you worried that the recent market meltdown will severely undermine your potential for financial success?
  • Are you confused by the various financial choices and “trade-offs” that exist?
  • Would you like to finally take control of your finances, rather than let them control you?
  • Do you want to protect the value of your business that you worked hard to build and grow?
  • Would you like to know if you are on track for your retirement and your child’s college savings?

Now is the Time

Don’t sit around and wonder “what if”. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for us to go over your finances and put together a clear and comprehensive plan that will actually get you to where you want to go. It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s easy and it could change your life!