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About Don

Allow me to introduce myself…

I’d like to share with you my story, and what motivates me to serve my clients.  I also want you to hear what makes me unique compared to other advisors or financial firms you may have been exposed to in the past.

The youngest of three boys, I was raised in a blue-collar, middle class home.  My parents struggled to make ends meet financially.  I saw the stress it caused them. They instilled in me a great work ethic and a determination to be disciplined as I began to earn and spend my own money.

I have an analytical mind and chose to study and graduate with a degree in engineering.  After beginning my career with TI in Dallas, I was attracted to a start-up company by the promise of an equity stake.  Fifteen years later, having been blessed financially beyond my wildest dreams, I left the high-tech industry to pursue my passion- building and managing my wealth and securing financial freedom for myself and my clients.

Some advisors are frustrated in working with engineers and those that are detail-oriented.  By nature, we need to know how things work and we ask a lot of questions.  But I appreciate an inquisitive mind and enjoy educating my clients regarding the options and techniques available for solving an area of concern.  I want my clients to make well-informed decisions that leave them feeling good.

I have known the responsibility and felt the weight of being the sole breadwinner in a family with others depending on you.  I have anticipated and managed the expenses associated with seeing two children through college.  I have developed a tax-efficient plan to gather and grow the wealth necessary to provide for my financial freedom.  I understand the joys, exposures and ongoing decisions associated with starting-up, operating, growing and exiting a small business.  And I have personally experienced the impact of unforeseen life events.  My mission is to help others benefit from my life experiences as well as my professional training.

There are those in my profession who focus on selling a product… rather than taking the time to identify and solve their client’s needs and best interests.  Frequently the result is that more glaring needs are left unsolved.  My process begins and ends with YOU- a priority schedule based on your goals, your dreams and what keeps you up at night.

Ever lay awake and question if you will be able to retire comfortably someday?  Or ask yourself if you are wasting hard-earned money by paying more than your fair share in income taxes? Have you ever had a ‘close-call’ on the toll way and considered what would happen to your family if you didn’t come home tonight? Maybe you attended the parent night at school and wondered how you are ever going to pay for the kids’ college?

If you are serious about achieving financial freedom and motivated by the peace of mind it offers- contact me now and let’s get started!